Improve your Fixed Operations performance and sales!

Steve Shaw Training will give your team the in-depth knowledge and superior skills to improve Repair Order Performance, raise the sales, and create a customer centric and highly profitable force in the service industry.

Do you feel like you're driving around in circles?

  • Your customer experience is suffering
  • Your CSI scores are below average
  • Your financial performance is dropping
  • Work stress is on the rise
  • There’s revolving door of associates
  • Your teams’  motivation is dwindling
  • There is never enough time to train
  • You feel like you’re letting your team down

We recognize the challenges that you're facing...

How? Because that’s exactly we have been doing for 15 years. Steve Shaw has been called a “Fixed Operations Training JEDI” by the best in the business.  He identifies dealerships’ problems, and solves them. Steve Shaw has the time and the unique credentials to focus on team training and improvement. This will free up your time to focus on your expertise of driving sales.  Steve Shaw’s Live and Online Virtual Training process teaches the associate how to “Create a Need” for the customer. It allows the customer to become a BUYER. The customer gives the dealership money instead of service advisors trying to get in the customers wallet.  This creates customer loyalty and retention. Steve Shaw Training has trained 1000’s of dealerships, groups and associates to accelerate financial and customer service performance!

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We PROMISE at least a .2 IMPROVEMENT in RO Performance. 

Our best stores have seen .5 increase and many individual service advisors have improved more!

Get on the road to success!

Imagine the possibilities of being able to hire people from outside the industry with great potential. Steve Shaw Training will transform them into successful team members! This is the path to becoming a legend in your market area, region or nation.  Your mission is to make sure that your team participates and is dedicated to learning. This program will keep your team motivated, prepared, and focused to increase their performance and paychecks!

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay.
Henry Ford

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